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"In the beginning, we decided to do something that Canadian Whisky had never done. We decided to forage, to challenge, and to innovate. To experiment, where those before us had not. To blend, discover, and shape. To respect the past but not live in it's shadow.
From the very beginning, we knew that we were not going to be for everyone. Instead we were going to be for the ones who were drawn to the unknown. We were going to be for the ones who welcomed adventure, the ones who weren't afraid. "

Grimsby Distillery Opens

"Otto Reider concluded that Niagara with its abundance of tender fruits would be the perfect place to establish a Distillery focusing on eau de vie, carry on the tradition of his Grandfather’s Distillery in Switzerland. Eau de vie meaning water of life is made by fermenting and distilling tender fruit which is in abundance in the Niagara area. With the help of a multitude of private investors and two venture capitalists Mr. Reider was able to realize his dream and in 1972 obtained a Distillery license and opened the doors on the original Grimsby facility which is still the core building today.

In addition to eau d vies Mr. Rider produced Alpenbitter from an original recipe of his Grandfather, Alpenbitter is still produced to this day."


John Hall and Bill Ashburn join forces

Our Founder, John Hall and our Master Blender, Bill Ashburn join forces to carve our a bold new path for Canadian whisky. Challenging the status quo of what Canadian whisky could be. It would become a relentless challenge that took eight years to plan, perfect and produce.


Barrel Select is born

Our most awarded whisky, Barrel Select was first tasted in Canada. A blend of grain whiskies aged in a mix of seasoned ex-Bourbon barrels and new American White Oak. This bold and flavourful whisky changed the game of Canadian whisky.


Copper Bold is born

Copper Bold's release in 2007 marked the next step in our journey of pushing the boundaries of Canadian whisky. The innovative technique of blending three types of grain whiskies, all individually aged, resulted in an intense spirit with flavor and depth unmatched in the market.


Forty Creek is acquired by Campari Group

As the fastest growing player in Canadian whisky, Forty Creek was acquired by Campari Group, the 6th largest spirit holding group. With the acquisition, came a new path for innovation and excellence.


Whisky Maker of the Decade

Forty Creek is named whisky maker of the decade at the 2020 Canadian whisky awards solidifing it's reputation for changing the game for Canadian whisky.

Respecting the past.
Shaping the future.

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